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Site Selection for Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation Starts With Site Selection By Pat Cardoni In today’s ongoing quest to educate consumers on how to Build Value Through Construction I will talk about the importance of site selection for your real estate wealth creation.

Custom Building and remodeling

Why Custom Building and Remodeling Now?

Why is Custom Building and Remodeling So Important Today? By Ryan Siebert We recently celebrated being in business for 10 years and have completed over 400 custom building and remodeling projects.   Majority of the custom building and remodeling projects that we completed were for our own speculative inventory.  Speculative simply means we build for our self […]

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Custom Construction Home Out of Pocket Costs Defined

What Are You Going To Pay Out of Pocket When Building a Custom Construction Home? By Ryan Siebert When it comes to making the decision to building a custom construction home you will experience an excitement level that will feel like jumping out of a plane.  You will be so excited you may even think […]

What Questions Do Builders Have For You?

Prepare Yourself for the Questions Builders Have For You By Ryan Siebert You have watched all of the HGTV showings, you have visited hundreds of houses, you have talked to designers and maybe even an architect or two and come to the conclusion that you want to build your own customized home.  What you need […]