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We know that not everyone has the same kitchen in mind when selecting a customized home. That is why we take pride in offering our clients a variety of custom kitchen cabinet options so you can be sure the cabinets you select are the ones you will be happy with for years to come. Our design team knows the importance of providing you with options that range from modernization to functionality and we take time to understand exactly what you are looking for. We also make sure that your personality is present with your accent pieces. So whether you want a bold countertop and backsplash combination or something subtle we will assure you have all of the options you need. Finally, our appliance department will review your cooking needs to make sure you have the entertainment and chef’s equipment needed all year round. Do you want to rehab your kitchen now? Let’s do it, Call or text Ryan 847-602-7641.



If you are into quality finish work and attention to details, then you will love our bathrooms. Our tile experts have spent years working on their craft and they are not satisfied with the slightest blemish in tile design or discoloration. We understand that tile selection can become overwhelming when you get to your third and forth bathrooms, so we give you ample time and direction to make sure you have no second thoughts on the custom designs that you select. We also provide an assortment of design options to allow you to maximize your bathroom space and make the decisions on whether or not you want an oversized shower or a giant bathtub to relax in at the end of the day. Do you have a bathroom project you need help with? Let us collaborate with you to come up with a design that works. Call or Text Ryan today 847.602.7641.


Family/Living/Dining Room

The overall consensus is that “kitchens and bathrooms sell the house”. We are careful not to disrespect the rest of the house. It is, after all, the family room, living room, and dining room where you will spend your time relaxing and entertaining and making memories for years to come. Our architects take their time to develop layouts that focus in on functionality for your entertainment needs. We understand each family has different needs and we do all that we can to make sure each square foot of your house is utilized to your specifications. We provide custom finish options with millwork, lighting, flooring, and color options to meet the optimal mood you are looking for in your new home. Do you have questions about the trends in design and for your living spaces? Call Ryan, 847.602.7641 or email today.


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