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Trends in Residential Construction for 2020

Trends in Residential Construction

blog / July 19, 2020

By Ryan Siebert When I think of trends in Residential Construction, home remodeling and home building, I don’t think in terms of design and colors.  My mind goes to the type of projects and the hurdles that are present that impact the way that the business is completed.  What changes have taken place in my […]

What Comes First, The House (Chicken) or the Lot (Egg)?

blog / May 7, 2020

By Ryan Siebert or When it comes to building a custom home what comes first, the House or the Lot? Common sense would say you cannot build a home without a lot to build on.  But, how can you purchase a lot if you don’t know how much the house is going to cost? Let’s […]

Custom Built Home You Won't Want To Miss

blog / April 14, 2020

Are you looking into the options of having a custom built home built for you? If so you are going to find yourself looking for pictures of how to finish your home.  You may browse Pinterest, Houzz, or even look at your Facebook feed for the latest trends.  What we recommend looking at this photo […]

How is the Coronavirus Impacting the Residential Construction Industry?

blog / April 12, 2020

The first few weeks of the Coronavirus may seem like business as usual for the construction industry.  The long term will impact in a different fashion.  Construction has been deemed essential, but new projects are being put on hold.  Some of the changes that may happen will as a result of this may be; lower […]

Virtual Estimates

blog / March 26, 2020

Are you looking for an idea of what a little construction can do for your current or future home?  Look, we get it, you may not be looking to do the work TODAY, but why not find out what is possible for you and your family?  We offer virtual estimates for your potential project to […]

A Permit Issued In Less Than A Week? Commercial Renovation!

blog / March 2, 2020

When it comes to projects that are in need of permits it doesn’t happen often that we obtain a permit on the first try.  Yet, it was this project that we received a permit on the first try AND we received it in less than a week!  Sometimes we get lucky when we are taking […]

How a Bloody Mouth Turned Into a New Home

blog / January 29, 2020

By Ryan Siebert I’d love to be telling you that a late night bar fight turned into a great relationship with clients that we eventually built a home for.  That would be stretching the truth a bit.   My first meeting with that clients that would eventually build their home with us started at one of my […]

A Story of a Custom Built Home

blog / December 27, 2019

By Ryan Siebert Every home has its own story.  This story is about the custom home that we just built in Naperville.  So it back and relax and envision yourself going through the home building process with us one day. The Lot Having a lot means all of the ideas that you have can actually […]

Finished Basement Before and After Project

blog / October 23, 2019

One of the favorite parts about remodeling a finished basement is getting to look back at the before and after pictures. On this Clarendon Hills finished basement project we were able to take advantage of the space to provide a unique design.  Laying the kitchen out in the middle of the room, but at an […]

How Long Does It Take To Build A New Home?

blog / September 30, 2019

When prospective clients first reach out to us one of the first questions they ask is, “How long does it take to build a new home?” Honestly, it’s a loaded question. Here’s some factors that effect the timeline for building your custom home. How big of a home are you building? Commonsense says that the […]