Builders Show

International Builders Show

Take Me to the International Builders Show! By Ryan Siebert On this year’s to do list is to get to the International Builders Show.  As young builder I am looking to obtain knowledge in any and all ways possible.  To get there all I had to do was answer a simple question, “What do I […]

convert for success

Convert for Success

Convert for Success By Ryan Siebert In the world real estate investment sometimes the best way to create value is to convert an existing structure into something different.  I think there are similar traits in real estate conversion and having a successful business.  

Home Builder

How Important is it to Be Yourself as a Home Builder?

How Important is it to Be Yourself as a Home Builder? By Ryan Siebert We are the best, highest quality, most transparent, loyal, customer service giving home builder that you will ever find.  Guess what?  You as the consumer could care less!  The reality is clients looking for a home builder are looking to find […]

Can Social Media Help You Sell More Homes?

SG Home Builders on HBAGC By Ryan Siebert I was recently honored to have the opportunity to post an article with the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago.  

Custom Home Builder

Three Budget Tips When Custom Home Building

Three Budget Tips When Custom Home Building By Ryan Siebert As a custom home builder you would think that I get to work with clients that have no regard for budgets.  You my friend would be dead wrong.  Today I am going to give you three budget tips to use when you decide to take the […]

Costs of Remodeling a Chicago Bungalow

Chicago Bungalow Remodeling Costs

What are the Costs of Remodeling a Chicago Bungalow? By Pat Cardoni As Chicago brick bungalows grow in age their exterior holds strong overtime.  At 100+ years of age interior of these homes often needs a makeover, which opens the question, “What is the cost of remodeling a Chicago bungalow?”

Avoid Chaos in Residential Remodeling

3 Ways to Avoid Chaos in Residential Remodeling By Ryan Siebert Whether you live in a new construction home, or a 100 year old home you will at some point in time take on a custom residential remodeling project.

New Construction on Existing Foundation

New Construction on Existing Foundation

New Construction on Existing Foundation By Pat Cardoni Money, Money Money…. Capitalism is the basis of American economy. And the greatest Capitalist decision you will make in your life is your home. This series gives you ideas on how to build or create equity through construction.

Custom Home Builder

Story of a Custom Home Builder

Our Path to Becoming a Custom Home Builder By Ryan Siebert I was recently discussing the path that we at SG Home Builders took to become a custom home builder.   After completing the story I was reminded why it is important to let others know about our journey we have taken, and our thought […]

Custom Home Builder

Seize Your Business

Podcast Appearance With Seize Your Business By Ryan Siebert I was recently asked to be a guest on the Seize Your Business podcast with Kevin O’Flaherty and Jim Waszak.  I’m always amazed at what you can learn from telling your own story when you have good people that are willing to listen.