Design Services

At SG Home Builders, our secret to success is simple: we start with our design team on every project. They're the visionary artists who turn dreams into reality. By beginning with them, we ensure that every aspect of your project, from aesthetics to functionality, is meticulously crafted. Our designers collaborate closely with you, weaving your vision into the very fabric of your home. With their expertise, your project becomes an extraordinary blend of artistry and innovation, setting the stage for an exceptional construction experience.

Space Planning

Optimize your current space with our expert space planning services.

Design Selections

Dive into the details with confidence with the help of our designer.  

Make-Over Consultation

Are you looking to enhance your space but not sure where to start? A make-over consult will excite you with ideas of what you could do in your current space without any structural changes.


Whether you’re finishing up a build project or just looking to update, you can elevate the aesthetics of your home with updated furnishings.  

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