Framing Costs of Custom Home Building

Framing Costs for New Construction By Ryan Siebert Imagine with me for a second that you are in a freshly framed new construction house early in the am on a cool spring morning.  The ground is thawing out, the sun is high in the sky with just enough clouds to make you appreciate the blue […]

Why Start a Podcast?

Why Start a Home Building Podcast? By Ryan Siebert I was recently asked to explain why we started our “Secrets of Homebuilders” Podcast.  We recognized that inherently people do not like to read, but are constantly searching for ways to stimulate their mind through noise.  

Concrete Costs

Concrete Costs

Concrete Cost for New Construction Homes By Ryan Siebert One of the most expensive parts of your new construction home will be the cost of concrete.  I often joke with my partners that we should stop building house to figure out a way to sell the concrete, but I digress.  The bid that will […]

Demo and Excavation Costs

Demo and Excavation Costs For A New Home By Ryan Siebert Before I was a home builder one of my favorite quotes was something along the lines of, “You can’t build the Sears Tower without first building a strong foundation.”  Unfortunately I was dead wrong with that idea. Before you can pour your foundation you […]

Builders Role

Role Identification

Know Your Role By Ryan Siebert I tend to make my blog posts about what is going on in my life.  When I talk about ways to keep your builder accountable, it is usually because I am having a hard time with my contractors or project managers being accountable for their actions.  When I write […]


Lessons from Your Father – Be Willing to Change

Embrace Change By Ryan Siebert Change is hard for most of us in life and when it comes to business we often avoid it like the plague.  Recently my father came to visit, apparently family likes to visit when you have a kid.  We struck up a conversation about the changes he has made in […]

Custom Home, Baby

Having a Baby is Just Like Building a Custom Home

Having a Baby is Just Like Building a Custom Home By Ryan Siebert In what will certainly be one of my more comical blog posts, I want to compare the joy and frustrations that I recently found myself thinking about between having a baby and building a custom home.

Project Manager

Project Manager, Where the Rubber Meets the Road!

The Project Manager, Where the Rubber Meets the Road By Pat Cardoni We made it past the lender, the architect and the designer and we think we have a plan that can work.  Then we meet, drum roll please, the Project Manager.

Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself By Ryan Siebert I wanted to take a timeout from informational homebuilding blogs to give a summary of my experience attending the 2017 Global Leadership Summit.  For those of you looking for the next best tip on how to complete your custom home project, be patient with me.  I’ll have a new […]

Role of Your Designer

What is the Role of Your Designer?

What is the Role of Your Designer? By Pat Cardoni Picture from We have talked to an architect, but where does the architect’s role stop and what is the role of your designer?