Handyman Services

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At SG Home Builders, we understand the importance of maintaining your home's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our comprehensive suite of home repair services and handyman Naperville is tailored to cater to every aspect of your property, ensuring it remains in top condition. With a dedicated team of skilled Naperville handyman, we take pride in offering versatile solutions to address a multitude of repair needs.


General requests for timeline and project cost estimates will be provided upon request. Call 630-446-0144 or email Ryan@SGHomeBuilders.com Projects that require full service design and estimates will be referred to our Remodeling Team.


Drywall Repair and Touch-ups
From minor dents to extensive damage, our experts excel in seamless drywall repairs and touch-ups. We restore your walls to their pristine condition, ensuring a flawless finish that seamlessly blends in with your existing decor.
Revitalize your living spaces with our painting services, both interior and exterior. Whether it's a single room or your entire home, our skilled painters use top-quality materials and techniques to deliver impeccable results that enhance the ambiance of your space.
Exterior and Interior Doors
Entrust us with your door-related concerns, be it repairs, installations, or adjustments. We specialize in ensuring that your doors function smoothly and complement the overall aesthetics of your home.
Door Locks
Security matters, and our expertise extends to repairing and installing various types of door locks, ensuring your peace of mind and safety.
TV Mounting
Let us handle the task of mounting your TV securely, creating an optimal viewing experience while maintaining the integrity of your walls.
Furniture Assembly
From flat-pack furniture to intricate pieces, our team skillfully assembles your furniture, saving you time and effort.
Interior Carpentry (Base, Trim, Built In Shelving, Moldings)
Enhance the visual appeal of your space with perfectly installed base trim and moldings that add a touch of elegance to your interiors.
Tile Installation
Our professionals excel in tile work, ensuring precision in installation, repair, and maintenance. We handle grout, caulk, and backsplash concerns with finesse, giving your spaces a polished look.
Minor Electrical Repairs
Light Fixture Replacement Upgrade your lighting fixtures effortlessly with our expert replacement services, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Outlet and Switch Replacement Ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system with our professional outlet and switch replacement services. Ceiling Fans Stay comfortable in any season with our installation, repair, or replacement of ceiling fans, optimizing air circulation in your home.
Minor Plumbing Repairs
Faucet Repair and Replacement Trust us to address faucet issues promptly, whether it's a repair or a replacement, ensuring proper functioning and preventing water wastage. Toilet Repair and Replacement We handle toilet repairs and replacements efficiently, ensuring proper sanitation and functionality in your bathrooms.
Exterior Maintenance
Painting and Staining Protect and beautify the exterior of your home with our expert painting and staining services, tailored to withstand varying weather conditions. Fence and Deck Repair Restore the charm and functionality of your fences and decks with our repair services, extending their longevity and appeal. Screen Door and Window Installation Enhance ventilation and aesthetics with our professional installation of screen doors and windows, tailored to fit seamlessly into your home. Pressure Washing  to help renew he look of your property by removing dirt, grime, and stains with our high-quality pressure washing services, restoring surfaces to their original glory. At SG Home Builders, our commitment is to provide reliable, efficient, and high-quality handyman repair services in Naperville. Contact us today to experience the expertise that keeps your home in optimal condition, inside and out.
From maintenance to repairs, our crew will help you get it done. Call or text Ryan, 630-446-0144.