2024 Home Design Trends That Home Builders Are Using

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blog / February 12, 2024

Home design trends are constantly changing to match changing lifestyles and incorporate new technologies. As we enter 2024, several exciting trends are emerging that will shape home design in the coming year.

Here are some of the top home design trends that are expected to be popular in 2024 with builders in Naperville.

Contrasting Cabinetry

One big trend for kitchens is the use of contrasting colors and materials for cabinetry. For example, mixing painted cabinetry with natural wood-stained cabinetry, or combining shiny metal hardware with matte cabinets. This creates visual interest and depth. Contrasting upper and lower cabinets is also popular – such as a white top row and dark bottom row of cabinets.

Custom Range Hoods

High-end custom range hoods that make a statement will be a must-have kitchen feature. Range hoods are becoming bolder and more distinctive, with unique materials like metal, wood, marble or stone. Integrated LED lighting creates a focal point. Smart range hoods with wireless connectivity are also on the rise.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Design Choices

Sustainability remains a top priority in home design. Natural and eco-friendly materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood, cork, concrete, and wool are increasing in popularity. Energy-efficient appliances, low-flow plumbing, energy-saving windows and doors, and solar panels or other renewable energy sources are key components.

Smart Home Technologies

Home automation and AI-powered smart home tech continue to get smarter and more useful. Keyless entry, lighting and temperature control, and security monitoring from smartphones or devices like Alexa will be commonplace. Appliances and entertainment systems that can be controlled and accessed remotely will also gain traction.

Maximizing Space Efficiency

Creative furnishings and layouts allow homeowners to maximize every inch. Features like movable island carts, pocket doors, built-in storage cubbies, and fold-down workspaces help save space. Multi-functional furnishings also help rooms serve different needs.

Large Windows

Ample natural light and an indoor-outdoor connection is a priority achieved through large, open windows and glass doors. Sliding walls of glass to open living spaces to the outdoors are also popular. Advanced glazing reduces heat loss and keeps interiors comfortable.

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