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Why Do Contractors Hate Google?

blog / December 11, 2018

By Ryan Siebert
As a custom home builder and remodeler in Naperville one of the things that I cringe is why my client tells me that found it on Google.  If Google is so great, why are they not remodeling your kitchen? Today I want to discuss with you the top three reasons why contractors hate google.

The Product is Unavailable

When clients are up late at night searching Google for the perfect cabinet for their bathroom renovation they often run into great designs.  However, when I am on the job site and I need the cabinet to be on site I am often left with an empty bathroom.  This is because we have to send our workers away from the job site due to the product not showing up.  Google does an amazing job at search engine optimization for you to find what you are looking for.  However, when it comes to getting the product on site, I beg my clients to work with local vendors.

The Fit Doesn’t Work

Have you ever worked with someone that was fantastic, but they were not the right fit for you?  This happens in construction often, but with the products that people want.  Google allows clients to find the perfect product, without taking into consideration that it won’t work for my client’s project.  Specifics and details are very important for renovation and home building.  A 1/8 inch difference in product size can be the difference in the project working and falling all apart.  When working with SG Home Builder projects we like our clients to have the details and further our vendors to have the details they need so we can assure the correct product is purchased the first time.

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“Google said this was the problem…”

This is my all time favorite.  Google has a lot of solutions, but they do not know your situation.  The algorithms are not meant for you to put in a set of specifics to give you an answer of what the problem is.  I compare this to a doctor having a client come in and tell them that WebMD told them they have cancer.  I can only imagine the eye rolling that my child’s doctor has done with the google searching my wife put in when we had our first kid.  Yet, I find myself doing the same thing with each repair that needs taken care of and the answer isn’t what clients want to hear.

Google Isn’t So Bad After all

I have to admit as a business owner Google offers a lot to us.  They also own YouTube, which offers a lot of answers to simple repairs.  My project management team has found solutions to basic and complicated work that causes us difficulty by searching.  However, we take into consideration all of the symptoms of the repair so we can determine how to best make your house look perfect.  I also enjoy being able to generate clients from google.  I added this paragraph to make sure Google doesn’t black list my website when clients are searching for their home builder!
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