New Construction
The roller coaster ride that is custom home building ends on a high as we wrap up your punch list and complete our final inspections. However, we are not about to perform a disappearing act. In fact, our customer service kicks in from this point as we work with you to wrap up punch lists and follow up for short term and long term warranty work. Our goal is to be your builder for life.

Punch List

When your project close to completion we will meet to develop your punch list.  The idea is to review with one another to create the list of items you want to see competed before you move into your home.  For some clients, that is every paint touch up and crooked outlet.  For others, it is making sure the water is running.  Regardless your level of expectation, you can be sure your home will pass SG Home Builders standards before you occupy the home.

Certificate of Occupancy

When you are completing a new construction home a certificate of occupancy is required from the local building department we are working with.  In other words, we have to pass all inspections before you are allowed to move in.  Without the CO (Certificate of Occupancy) you are not allowed to move in.  Remember, the building inspectors are there to protect you as the consumer from bad building practices.  At times their inspections can seem rigorous and picky.  Our goal is to get you into your home as soon as possible, so we do our best to create and keep a clean job site and have minimal issues with the building department from the very start.  Believe it or not, most inspectors like us and enjoy inspecting our projects because we employ a "go above and beyond", mentality with our clients and our tradesmen too.  The pride of our crews shows up during inspections and allows our Certificate of Occupancy inspections to go smoothly.


We offer a 30-day quick warranty to address any minor issues that may have been overlooked during the initial walk-through. This ensures that any swiftly repairable items are promptly attended to, giving you peace of mind during the early stages of occupancy. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive one-year warranty covering major rework items. Within this period, we conduct another thorough walk-through of your home to identify and address any significant issues that may have arisen since the initial inspection. Our ultimate goal is to become your builder for life, providing ongoing support and assistance to maintain the quality and integrity of your home. With our warranty program, you can trust in the durability and reliability of your SG Home Builders property for years to come.

Are you ready to start the process with us?