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blog / October 10, 2023

We recently managed a full house renovation for our clients that were looking to downsize into a neighborhood next to their children and grandchildren.  It has us thinking about how difficult it is for potential home flippers of today’s market.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, trends and opportunities evolve rapidly. One such evolution is the shifting landscape for home flippers. Once a thriving niche in the industry, home flipping has faced a series of challenges that are reshaping the playing field. In this article, we’ll explore three key factors that have contributed to the difficulty faced by home flippers in recent times.

1. Lack of Foreclosures

Historically, foreclosures were a treasure trove for home flippers. These distressed properties offered significant potential for renovation and resale, often at a substantial profit. However, in today’s market, the landscape has shifted dramatically. The aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis led to a surge in foreclosures, creating a lucrative market for flippers. Fast forward to today, and the scenario is vastly different.

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Stringent lending practices, a stabilized economy, and government interventions have significantly reduced the number of foreclosures available for purchase. This scarcity means that home flippers are no longer able to rely on distressed properties as a primary source of profit. To thrive in today’s market, flippers must adapt their strategies to accommodate a wider range of property types.

2. Older Homes Are Selling for Top Dollar

The last 3-4 years of growth in real estate values, combined with diminishing inventory has led to huge price gains for homes. The ultimate winners in this industry are those looking to sell, without having to purchase a new home.  Historically, older homes with deferred maintenance would sell at huge discounts. With today’s lack of inventory, even the orange countertop and shag carpet homes are selling at the top of the market.  In essence there is no spread for a potential home flipper to purchase, rehab and add enough value to cover the construction costs. Moreover, the costs associated with renovating older homes can be substantial. Outdated plumbing, electrical systems, and structural issues can quickly erode potential profits.



After – Added Laundry/Mudroom to the Main level

3. Competing with Downsizing Baby Boomers

Another challenge facing home flippers is the increasing competition from downsizing baby boomers. As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age, many are looking to downsize their living spaces. This has created a surge in demand for smaller, more manageable homes. These buyers are often willing to pay a premium for properties that offer convenience, accessibility, and a reduced maintenance burden.  Often these downsizing buyers are flush with cash from the sale of their existing home, giving no edge to home flippers coming in with “cash” offers.

This competition can make it challenging for home flippers to secure properties in desirable neighborhoods at a price point that allows for a profitable flip. To succeed, flippers may need to explore alternative markets or focus on properties that cater to a different demographic.

Before SG Home Builders focused on project management, we used to flip a lot of homes.  While the landscape for home flippers has become more challenging in recent years, it’s important to remember that adaptability is the key to success in any industry. By understanding and responding to these shifting market dynamics, home flippers can still find profitable opportunities. This might involve diversifying their property portfolio, honing their renovation skills, or exploring emerging real estate trends.

In the end, those who are willing to embrace change and innovate their approach to home flipping will be the ones best positioned to thrive in today’s competitive real estate market. The days of easy pickings may be behind us, but with the right strategy, home flippers can still find success in this evolving industry.

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