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How To Hire A Contractor

Uncategorized / April 29, 2019

Few people like to go through the steps to hire a contractor.  Then again, should you be looking for a contractor or a partner?  The philosophy at SG Home Builders is to partner with our clients. Your project isn’t just another check of the box, it is a partnership in making the right financial and finish selections together.  When it comes time to hiring a contractor for your project be very careful not to hire a contractor, but find someone that you can partner with. Here’s why:

Decisions Decisions Decisions

When you decide to build a custom home the amount of decisions that need to be made is terrifying. I’d love to sit here and tell you clients enjoy the process. The reality is the number of decisions that need to be made becomes overwhelming. Maybe not the beginning. Maybe not at the end. But at some point in time it will become a full-time job for you. The same can be true for a basic renovation project. Picking out a selection to check a box becomes the idea of many owners.  However, working with a contractor that understand the effects of your decision is important to avoid reselecting.  The plumbing pipe or ductwork or possibly electric may be in the way and prevent you from making the product work.  At SG Home Builders we do all we can to make your wants a reality.  However, there comes a time when you need to understand the costs of your want vs the alternative options.  Any contractor you choose for your project should be able to provide you with these details.

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It Is All About The Money

Speaking of money, find a contractor that treats your money like it is their own. At SG Home Builders we have done a lot of speculative projects. For that reason every decision is made comes with a conscious mindset that your money is our money. As previously mentioned, anything is possible if you pay enough.  However, we look for other options to allow you to make a conscious decision, rather that feeling blinded and robbed of your money.


When your project is done and you’re working as a partnership you are just as much a part of the in result as your contractor. It’s a great feeling to sit back and say how happy, excited  how proud you are of what work was put into your home. You are just as much a part of that whole process as we are. It’s a shared partnership and it’s something that we strive to help you make happen at SG Home Builders.
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