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Best Flooring for a Bedroom

blog / June 28, 2018

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What Are the Best Floors for a Bedroom?

When we’re working with a client who’s looking for a custom remodel or a custom build, one of the last things that we can to discuss are the types of floors for their bedrooms. Although a small piece of the puzzle, we believe it’s a very important piece that should be paid attention to. Today we want to discuss the the best floors for a bedroom.
best floors for a bedroom


Carpet floors get a bad reputation.There’s a possibility for dust that can be caught or held in the carpet.  This can keep your house unstable and full of dirty dust. However, that’s not always the case.
Today, higher end carpet comes with a lot of dust protection. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your carpets on a regular basis will keep bad air-quality away.  This will allow you to enjoy the comfort of carpet.
Carpet’s comfort is by what most people enjoy and why most people choose carpet in the bedrooms. The other benefits that many homeowners enjoy about carpet is its flexibility of the design styles which allows you to tie your room together.
Last, but not least, we have the value of carpet. For the most part, carpet will be less expensive than your alternative choices between tile and hardwood flooring. However, some of your higher end carpets can still run you $6 to $10 per square foot which makes the price benefit not so effective.


Today, many of our clients for customer renovation projects are electing to go with hardwood in the bedroom areas. The hardwood flooring installation allows you to keep the floor of the house flow from your main floor up the stairs into your hallways and enter your bedrooms. Design wise, this avoids multiple choices and or color themes for each bedroom.
What we also like about hardwood floors for the bedrooms is that its low maintenance. As long as you don’t scratch the floors or spill any liquids and forget to wipe up, your floors last a long time.
However, with hardwood floors the dust that’s in your property will settle and will be able to be viewed with your naked eye. Another potential downfall harbor flooring comes if you ever do damage an area. Replacing a small area of carpet due to a spill is pretty simple. Replacing a small area of hardwood flooring can become difficult and often require you to replace more than just one area.
Stained hardwood floors very rarely come out to be the same color of stain regardless of your use of the same exact materials for the staining. During different times of the year, there are  different levels moisture in the air and different amounts of sunlight. This plays a role in how quickly stains set in. So, just be a little bit more careful with hardwood floors and you won’t have to worry about taking on a big expense down the road.
hardwood floors in a bedroom


For the most part, we don’t see the use of tiles in our bedrooms for main level or second-floor bedroom spaces. However, tile floor in lower levels of a home or basement bedrooms are very popular. In the past ceramic tile was your best choice and had the best results. They’re durable and in the event you did have water issues it was a simple as taking a mop and clean it up.
Use of vinyl tiles in the past was as good as throwing your money into the ocean. If any water touched the vinyl, you would find peeling tiles which would cause you to have to tear out and replace.
Today, we have alternatives. We see a lot of use of a waterproof tiles such as Coretec flooring. The cork backing on the floors allows for waterproofing so you don’t need to worry about moisture affecting the integrity of the tiles once installed. What we also like about this Coretec flooring is that in the winter time floors are not freezing cold.
We often end up seeing bedrooms with ceramic tiles end up with an area rug to keep your feet warm. With the Coretec flooring the floors are not as cold, again because of the cork backing. These floors also offer a variety of styles giving the appearance of hardwood floors in your basement and lower level bedrooms. It’s a great alternative and not overly expensive choice.
bedroom floors
So, regardless of what type of floors you and of choosing make sure you understand the overall effect for design, economics and for the quality of product you choose to install. For more questions or information feel free to email me