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Restoration vs Renovation Contractors

blog / April 10, 2018

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Restoration vs Renovation Contractors

Chicago’s unpredictable weather creates a need for local restoration contractors to be very diverse, not to be confused with renovation contractors which offer a very different service. Today I want to discuss with you why it is important to know a restoration contractor before your damage happens, and why your renovation contractor does not offer the same services.

Importance of Restoration Contractors

Restoration contractors are the guys that you do not want to have to call. In general a restoration contractor will be called after major damage has occurred to a home. A restoration contractor will be sought out for issues caused by fire, water, wind, and earth. The thing is, most of us are unprepared for something major to happen to our house, especially in the middle of the night. So what do we do today when a tree falls on top of our house?
Restoration Contractor
Usually, we call our trusted remodeling contractor. One of my project managers or I will get a call in the middle of the night and, while we want to help you, we have no clue where to start. So we end up going to a trusted source – Google! After searching, “Tree removal company”, “Tree Damage Repair”, and “Restoration Company,” we’ve found a solution!
The repairs need to be made right now and owners are typically willing to pay whatever it takes for their house to be free of all damages. However, restoration companies do not tell you that they are going to get the maximum payment from your insurance company. After all, they are experts and can justify all of the costs. It doesn’t hurt you, it is part of your insurance claim, yeah right.
Restoration companies, of course, deserve top dollar for the work they are completing. That said, it would benefit you to have a company lined up before the damage happens so you know who to call and what work they are capable of. You typically interview remodeling contractors before you hire them to work on your kitchen – why would you not interview a restoration company before the damage happens too? This way you are ready for the chaos before it ensues.

Now comes the fun part – the restoration company stopped the bleeding and your home is no longer in danger. This is where the remodeling contractor you know like and trust comes into play. A restoration company has great labor on hand to tackle the major issues, but they are not fit with attention to detail laborers, nor are they familiar with the cost of remodeling your home the way you want it.
I cringe when I get a call from a client that tells me they have their insurance check in their hands and are ready for the remodeling work to start. As I previously mentioned, the restoration company knows how to get you top dollar for their work. Things like drywall, painting, trim, carpentry, tiles, and detailed craftsmanship are often pushed aside with low quotes by the insurance adjuster, leaving many clients paying out of pocket for the remodeling work necessary to put their homes back together. My advice is to take your time with your insurance adjuster, and make sure you are reviewing the money they are offering you with your remodeling contractor’s proposal so you do not end overpaying for repairs.

If you are looking to talk with a restoration contractor in your area before damage happens to your home please feel free to reach out so we can refer you to someone that we at SG Home Builders has worked with.