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SOH: Episode 1 – Introduction to Secrets of Homebuilding

Podcast / July 30, 2017

Episode 1 – Introduction to Secrets of Homebuilding

Secrets of Homebuilding
Welcome to the start of our new Podcast, Secrets of Homebuilding.  Pat and I decided to enlighten our fans and clients with information that we have gained over the past 11 years.   At the start of 2017 we focused our business on custom home building and remodeling.  We feel that due to our experience with over 475 projects we have an abundance of information and knowledge to share.  Whether you are a potential client or one of the brave among you who are looking to manager your own custom construction project you will get value out of the information we share.  We hope that you enjoy what we bring to the table.  We look forward to your feedback on ways we can help you better understand the steps needed to build or remodel your dream home.