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Customized Remodeling Meets Giving Back

blog / February 22, 2017

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A Customized Remodeling Job That Blew Our Minds Away

By Ryan Siebert

Custom residential construction, customized remodeling, custom home building, custom contractors. That’s what we are that’s what we love to do. It’s our passion, it’s what drives us, it’s what wakes us up in the morning. But everyone once in a while we take on a custom project makes us appreciate how lucky we truly are to be in the industry we are and to have the skills to meet our clients needs.

This blog is not about an amazing mind blowing customized remodeling job.  There will be no pictures of a kitchen with 100 inch cabinets, quadruple thick crown molding, a saucer in the middle of the family room that rotates and plays your favorite TV shows, seats that keep you hot and cold at the same time, or 15 foot ceilings in the basement.  No, today’s blog is about the importance of being able to give back to those who need help.  

About six months ago when I first joined the Ambassadors group at the Naperville Chamber of Commerce I was volunteered to help out a family in need.   The Harris family’s youngest son William has lived a life full of physical challenges, you can read their story here and learn more about Williams Warriors.  The Harris’s desperately needed an easier way for their son William to be able to bathe.  I won’t bore you with the details of the job itself. What we found most rewarding about this job was getting to know the Harris Family.  They are one of the most gracious and positive families that you will ever meet.  With every curveball thrown their way in life, they take it on with a smile and a sense of positivity that was contagious.   Being around family a few moments that I had I was able to see their positive mindset and I was reminded how love for your family can really change the outcome of any difficulty that we have in life. They taught me, without even knowing it, that no matter what comes your way or how mentally challenging the setbacks are, nothing can help you move forward until you have a positive mindset.  

I provided pictures of the shower installment that we were able to get into their bathroom.  This customized remodeling job was nothing fancy or will win any awards.   There are no custom tile marble or Deco tile finishes.  It is simply a shower base with handlebars, a shower wand, and a few handlebars to assist with the toilet.  However, the appreciation for the Harris’s gave us upon installing it and the happiness they had from their first few uses showed us once again how important it is to appreciate all of the little things that we have in our lives.  It remind me to not stress the small things and to appreciate all the great opportunities I have with this business and my life.  All of us that were able to participate in this project felt the same way and we are all very thankful that we had the opportunity to complete the customized remodeling work, and more importantly to give back to a great family.