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Reasons to Join HBAGC

blog / November 21, 2016

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2016 Key Awards Banquet

By Ryan Siebert

This past Friday the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago celebrated their annual Key Awards.  It was a night for the builder association to come together to celebrate the year’s successful projects just in time for the holiday season.  

We all love a pat on the back once in awhile.  Something about the way we were raised to strive for recognition in our society is unique about us as humans.  The event that the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago put on this year was the perfect way for area builders, architects, marketers, and industry leaders to be recognized for their efforts over the past year.  
The home building industry has not and may not ever recover to the level it was prior to the Great Recession.  However, Membership has started to grow again and with more people involved the benefits of joining the association.  The benefits that HBAGC promotes include Visibility, Credibility, Have a Voice, Learning and Networking.   This has been our first year as a member of the association and I can attest to each of these benefits and many more.  
Visibility – Being a part of a reputable organization that is directly affiliated with the National Association of Builders has allowed our company additional exposure that we would not have without the HBAGC.  


Credibility – Anyone can call themselves a home builder, but having the certification as a member of the HBAGC has given our company instant credibility throughout the industry and with potential clients.


Have a Voice – The HBAGC takes pride in their advocacy locally, with the state, and on the national level.  This is something that we would never have had the opportunity to take part in on our own.


Learning – A great organization knows that in order to grow you need to be able to grow together not as individuals.  The education that members within the organization provide either through 1 on 1 sessions or as guest speakers has been invaluable.  


Networking – The HBAGC is full of members that are going after the same client.  However, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t willing to support another member and help them build their business.  The HBAGC has members in the industry that have helped build majority of the homes in Chicago and the suburbs.  HBAGC has been around since 1939, so you can only imagine the experience and knowledge that you will be able to gain by taking part in the networking events hosted by HBAGC.  
Exchanging business cards at conference
I’m excited to be a part of a unique organization with HBAGC and I look forward to see the growth of the organization and the home building industry.