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How Important is Teamwork When Building a New Construction Home?

blog / July 1, 2016

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How Important is Teamwork When Building a New Construction Home?

By Ryan Siebert

If you have ever purchased a home you understand the amount of communication that goes on between 10, 20 and sometimes 40 different people to make your purchase transaction run smoothly.  
Building a home from scratch requires many more people involved and a much longer process.  That is why it is a must that you assemble a team of professionals to help you along the way with your customized new construction home.  

From the moment that you had the thought of building a new construction home from scratch you unknowingly started a butterfly effect towards many people that will eventually be directly or indirectly involved in the construction of your home.  This is why the housing industry is the backbone to the American economy.  While I could write a book to explain to you all the people that will be involved in your home building project, I wanted to take the time today to point out the backbone of your team that you will have direct communication with at multiple times during the process:

    • Lender – Unless you plan on funding your project with cash you will need to talk with a lender early on to determine what options you have for your project.  Your lender and you will be able to discuss and determine the amount of house that you can afford to purchase.  Should you end up needing a lender it is he or she who will need to be the leader of communication so everyone is on the same page as to the timelines needed for closing on the initial land, draws throughout the project, and total time the project can take without causing any issues to your loan approval.  Details from the lender from the start are HUGE to the entire team throughout the course of the project.

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    • Realtor – If you don’t have land to build on from the start you may need to talk to a Realtor about searching for a great location for you.  Odds are the a tuned in Realtor will have inside information as which locations are coming to the market.  If they are really tuned into the market they will have relationships with local builders that can advise you on options long before the rest of the market is aware.  Also, your Realtor will be able to keep you level headed with the budget you are putting together vs the end value where your home will sit once complete.  In other words the last thing you want it to have $1.5Million into a home that is only worth $1.2Million.


    • Builder – Your builder will have the most communication with you of all.  They will be the one that coordinates all major and minor timelines with all subcontractors, with your lender, communication with architect, attorney, designer, inspectors, city officials, you again, suppliers, utility companies, etc.  You need to trust that your builder has an uncanny ability in communicating with you and all parties so no issues can arise down the road.


    • Architect – It is possible that your builder will have an on staff or referral partner for the architectural design to the house.  It is important that the designs that your architect comes up with and the budget that your builder has in place are in line with one another.  The last thing that you want is your builder blaming the architect and you for coming up with an extremely unique design that actually ended up costing 10 percent more than you originally were quoted.  


    • Attorney – You will need to speak with an attorney to make sure that all the paperwork you review from all parties (lender, builder, realtor, city, contractors, designers, etc) is legit.  Find a Real Estate attorney that is familiar with the work so you can avoid paying high fees for what is otherwise a routine contractual agreement.   Your attorney will need to be in constant communication with builder and lender to assure the project is moving forward.

As you can imagine each important person involved in the transaction has assistants, that you will also communicate with.  Make sure you get a good feeling from each professional working that they will have no problems communicating at any time with one another.  They should be able to explain to you their process of communication from that start to assure you that you are in the right hands.   

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