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Questions to ask a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

blog / March 1, 2018

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Questions to ask a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

By Ryan Siebert
Bathroom remodeling projects are like snowflakes, no two are 100 percent alike. While you may want to start thinking about the design and aesthetics of your newly renovated bathroom, there are several factors to consider when selecting the contractor. That said, I want to share with you a few important questions to ask a bathroom remodeling contractor before the project begins.

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When can you start?

Ok, it may not be the first question you ask, but it should not be forgotten either. I’ve nailed many bathroom remodeling presentations for my clients, only to lose the job due to our timelines not matching up. Be honest with your contractor on what your timeline expectations for the start of the project, and when you need the work to be completed.

Will you need to pull permits?

Not all bathroom remodeling projects require permits to be pulled. As a consumer, you want to know what safety systems they have in place to verify that work is completed correctly if permits are not being pulled.

Do you have insurance?

We are talking about your bathroom remodel here, so sh** happens. Make sure your contractor has a general liability insurance policy in place and ask them what steps they take to ensure all subcontractors are properly insured as well.

Who have you worked with in the past?

Feel free to ask for references. At best, you are going to get your contractor’s “best” clients, but if they are not able to provide any contact information, then you may want to rethink starting a project with them.

How long do you warranty your work?

A standard answer here is not likely, but it is good for you to know what your warranty for your bathroom renovation will be. If you are working with a local contractor, expect them to say 90-180 days, but do not be shy to ask for 1 year as that is a standard for newly constructed homes. Your bathroom renovation will at least result in a new bathroom in your home, right?

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How much will this project cost?

Don’t expect a direct answer to this question. Well weather contractors know better than to toss out a hard and fast figure for your bathroom renovation. In fact, my response would be to quickly ask you what your budget is. Let’s be open with each other from the start so we can avoid the back and forth game- no one likes a lack of transparency. A better clarification question for your bathroom remodeling project would be to understand how your contractor will price your project. Will the entire project be hard bid? Will they give you a cost plus? Which bid do you prefer and why?

Will I receive your contractor discounts?

Some contractors will want to pay for the supplies up front for ease of logistics. However, some of them are also looking to make an extra few bucks by upcharging you for supplies purchased. Understand how your contractor’s relationships with their vendors work so you can position yourself for the best discounts.
There are many questions you will ask your contractor about the tangible project once they are on site. Is it possible to move a wall? Can you add more showerheads? Do we need a bathtub? These questions are up to you. Feel free to be a bit intrusive with the list of questions that I provided and see if you find yourself in line with your contractor after they leave.
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