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White Oak or Red Oak Floors?

blog / November 10, 2017

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Red Oak or White Oak?

By Ryan Siebert

What difference does it make if you are using white oak or red oak?  You are staining the floors anyways, right?  Not so fast!
A common belief is that the tone of stain that you pick will end up becoming the color of wood that you are going after.  However, wood floors are not the same as painting drywall.  The staining of the wood has different effects based on the tone of wood itself.  For this reason red woods have a tendency to turn out more, red, you guessed it.  As trends have changed for wood flooring renovations and custom homes have gone more gray, red oak floors have lost their luster.  Today, clients prefer white oak flooring for their custom construction projects so they can get their floors to end up on the lighter side.
Check out the video below for more details.
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