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Why Do We Blog?

blog / November 28, 2016

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Blogging is fun, but that isn’t the only reason we do it!

By Ryan Siebert

Building a new construction home may be one of the most stressful and complicated transactions anyone will take on.  The prices are overwhelming, the details are often missed, and the timelines are never hit.  That is why we do our best to stop and take the time to educate our clients on the actual process of homebuilding.  Our hope is when they decide to take the leap of faith with a builder they will be educated on the steps and processes they will be taking on.

Our intentions while we writing a blog are centered around becoming the expert in our client’s eyes so that when they do decide to build, they give us a shot at becoming their home builder of choice.  However, we found that there are a few benefits of writing a blog both for us and our clients.  
Content for SEO progress – The magic of SEO can be incredible.  So much so that companies are willing to pay high dollar to digital companies to get their website viewed by more potential clients.  SEO = Search Engine Optimization.  By no means are we experts on the topic, but the thought process is the more people that are visiting your website, the higher you will be when it comes to a potential client looking for a “home builder in Chicago” through google.  The way to get more traffic to your website?  Produce more content and do it as often as you can.  Hence, the unknown benefit we have started to obtain from our blogging is more traffic to our sight, and a higher viewing through search engines, such as google, bing and yahoo.  


Education for our Clients – By far and away this was the reason that we started writing blogs.  As previously mentioned homebuilding is difficult and most contractors choose to hide their secrets versus sharing them with their clients.  The idea for us is to avoid difficult conversations, or upset clients halfway into the building of their home when they don’t understand the process, reason for delay or simply can’t figure out why moving a wall that they no longer like is going to cost them so much money.  It is just a wall after all, not so much.  Our theory is that with higher educated clients we no longer will have to tap around difficult conversations, and instead be more direct and transparent with our clients.


Education for us too – Many times when writing a blog about a topic that I am not 100 percent knowledgeable in I will have to reach out to my contractors for advice and details.  I no longer look at these blogs as another check off of the list.  Instead I look forward to coming up with new topics that will challenge me to learn about the homebuilding process.  As a company we are talking through potential issues before they come up.  We are implementing preventative maintenance before the problem occurs.  We have a deeper understanding on the steps that need to be taken to assure our clients are happy with our service throughout the homebuilding process and years later.  It has also challenged us to meet with other builders, discuss their processes, what has and has not worked.  Podcasts, blogs, e-books, seminars, real books, and even one on one meetings are now a regular occurrence for what we do to help us educate ourselves so we can in turn educate our clients.  


Each day the internet becomes more valuable to consumers.  They are able to research for days and months before they decide to pick up the phone to start a real conversation about building a house.  So for all of you thinking about building the house of your dreams, read on, soak up as much information as you can we will keep on pumping out blog posts to educate you as much as we can.  All we ask is that when you are ready, give us a shot because we may still have a few tricks up our sleeves you will want to know about!