Second Story Additions

A second story addition is a great way to add space to your existing home. As we often tell our clients building up is much more cost effective than building outward and adding excavation and concrete costs. We often find that families love their Naperville neighborhood, and prefer to add space, rather than sell and move. Often times a second story addition can give your box of a home the openness that you are looking for. A second story addition will sometimes involve sacrificing a room on the main level to allow for staircases to be placed. However, some second story addition work can be completed on existing 2nd story homes by accessing the attic space. The second story space is often additional master bedroom space, but can also be used for laundry room, loft/recreational space or whatever your family needs become.


When it comes to performing second story renovation project you need to understand a few things about your home. When you start working with a builder and architect they will need to verify the support steps that will need to be taken to properly frame out your home addition. For large additions you will likely see the use of steel beams in the home to add additional support. This is especially true with older homes. If your addition is of modest size stick building on top of your existing home may be all that is required to give you the extra space you need. If you live in a subdivision you will also want to be sure there are no restrictions as to what you are able to add to your home. Probably the most important factor to assess with a second story addition is the cost and value that will be added to your home. We tell our clients that anything is possible. However, the last thing we want to do is put you in a negative equity position without your knowledge. It is a great idea to see what similar homes of size and square footage are selling for in your neighborhood, before you put the money into your second story addition.


A lot of clients will take advantage of a second story addition to work on the exterior of the homes too.  This turns the project into an exterior renovation.  An entire facelift is not out of questions for a lot of homes due to the size of the second story addition.  However, some budgets do not allow for a full facelift.  The decisions to match as close as possible or have a completely new look has to be made by the owner.  We have seen a lot of great designs by architects to give your home exterior a great new look, without having to renovate the entire house. The great part about custom renovation work is, the  choice is yours to make.

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