Key Features of Energy-Efficient Custom Home Builds in Naperville

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blog / May 31, 2024

Key Features of Energy-Efficient Custom Home Builds in Naperville


In recent years, the push towards making homes more energy efficient has become a big focus for homeowners in Naperville. Choosing to build a custom home allows you to include advanced features that save energy and support the environment.


In this blog, our team at SG Home Builders highlights the key features of energy-efficient custom homes in Naperville.


Energy-Efficient Building Shapes and Structures


The architecture of a home greatly influences its energy efficiency. Simple geometric shapes such as domes and cubes are very effective in retaining heat because their smaller surface area reduces heat loss. For instance, cube-shaped homes, which include styles from Art Deco to modern minimalist, are made to optimize air circulation and maintain temperature control.


Single-Level vs. Multi-Level Home


Single-level homes are generally more energy-efficient compared to multi-level ones. They offer easier temperature regulation throughout the seasons as there are fewer spaces to heat up during the winter and cool during the summer. However, this also depends on the design of the home. a well-designed two-level home might offer the same energy efficiency as a single-level home.


Key Features of an Energy-Efficient Custom Home Build


Proper Insulation and Window Glazing


An important part of any energy-efficient home is its insulation and window glazing. High-performance double or secondary window glazing can greatly cut energy costs by providing thermal barriers. Proper insulation throughout the home can also make for an overall energy-efficient custom home.


Renewable Energy Sources


Including renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind energy, and biomass heating systems reduces the use of non-renewable energy sources as well as utility costs. If you’re aiming for long-term sustainability and energy independence for your custom home build, including renewable energy is a great choice.


Energy-Efficient Building Materials


Choosing the right materials can make all the difference when it comes to energy-efficient homes. For example, composite materials for front doors provide better insulation compared to traditional materials. Professional custom home builders and remodelers know about the best materials for energy-efficient homes.


How to Further Optimize Custom Home Energy Efficiency


To further optimize a home’s energy performance, consider installing the following:


  • High-Performance Cladding


Adding quality cladding helps retain heat inside the home by putting an extra layer of insulation on the outside of it.


  • Smart Heating Controls


Installing programmable or smart thermostats can optimize heating systems and make energy use more efficient.


  • Energy-Efficient Appliances and Lighting


Choosing appliances with high energy ratings and replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lighting can reduce energy consumption.


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