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How Hard Can a Renovation Bid Be?

Podcast / April 24, 2018

How Hard Can A Renovation Bid Be?

Renovation Bid
Renovation bid, on the surface it seems so easy.  Our clients often expect us to turn around a bid on a project within 24 hours.  When our renovation bid is way off the mark during construction our clients only have one person to blame, themselves for pushing the envelope so hard on the need to get the bid back.  Contractors have it rough at times because of the pressure to submit a bid and fast.  When it comes to custom renovation work overlooking the details can end up costing you and your family a lot of money if the renovation bid is done to fast.  Pat Cardoni goes into more details with this podcast and even explains how you as a consumer can save yourself money by using your credit card those points during your renovation project add up fast.