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What is the Role of Your Designer?

blog / August 2, 2017

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What is the Role of Your Designer?

By Pat Cardoni
Role of Your Designer
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We have talked to an architect, but where does the architect’s role stop and what is the role of your designer? 

Designers are the unsung and often harangued member of your new home building process. Although they may not have the years of education of an Architect they are part of the artistry of your final product. Most top end Architects have designers on staff.  The top designers have their own shops.

role of your designer

Architectural plans for homes can range from 8-40 pages. Do you want to guess what is in a 40 page plan set? You guessed it, design details. Room by room details laid out so that the contractors and the homeowners know every detail. From hidden hinges to TV’s behind mirrors to the wood trim, a lot of this is made real by the creative input from the designers. Don’t think that this will come inexpensively as most designers start at $125 an hour. If you are not working with a designer, or someone assuming that role, you will be spending hours going over some very mundane and perhaps very costly decisions.  That is when you have to ask yourself, what is your time worth?  I bet it is more than $125 an hour!

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I believe that if well managed the designer can keep your home on track to flow from front door to garage by keeping the styles and budget in line. Yes, they are also professional shoppers and will have ideas and vendors to help bring your tile and cabinets and lighting into focus.

Why did I mention harangued earlier? Because 7 times out of 10 they are involved in cost overruns. They are emotional creative people so don’t expect too much fiscal adherence.  
I better stop now before I dig a hole I can’t get out of.
My next blog will discuss the players in your building process, starting with the quarterbacks, the team captains, the point guards, the catcher, that’s right the general contractors.