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Finding Your Lot

At this point in your custom home building journey you should feel comfortable that you can afford the home that you want.
More importantly, you should know what price point you need to purchase your lot at. If you are still not sure, then go back a step. Finding a lot is more difficult than it seems. You will be balancing your budget, with the desired location and the type of home you want to build. A corner lot may not work for you if you want a 3 car front load garage. A deep lot may not be available if you are looking to build near downtown Naperville, for example. Once again, we have the expert counsel to help simplify this process. When you are ready to start looking we will refer you a Realtor that will focus on finding you lot options that will fit all of your requirements./h6>

What you can expect

It is a competitive market for land. Having a Realtor assist you by looking at pre-market, existing market, and past market trends is essential to your home building process.

Daily Searches

We get it you are busy. The odds are we, as your builder, are busy working on another home too. This is why having a Realtor advocating for you daily to new market activity is a must. Avoid anger and frustration of another lot come and gone by trying to search for market activity on your own.

Off and Pre-Market Activity

Do you have time to write letters, talk to other agents, and keep your ear to the ground of future lots that are coming to the market? Your Realtor does!

Market Analysis

We all wish we had enough money to build the home of our dreams without a care in the world. Having a Realtor assess the value of your future custom home before you build it will give you the confidence you are making a great financial decision.

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