Chicago Developer

Chicago Development Projects Start With Marty Paris

What Does It Take To Dominate Development Projects In Chicago?

Chicago Developer

Marty Paris Founder and President of Sedgwick Development

As the leader of one of Chicago’s top development companies Marty Paris knows his way around the block.  In this episode of Secrets of Homebuilders Marty gives an up close look into being a Chicago Development company and shares what it is like to manage the construction, but have no skin in the game for the development.  Marty discusses how he got started in development of projects and reveals the number of projects that he and his team are currently working on in Chicago.  For those of you looking to start Chicago Development, you may want to listen to what Marty has to say about the current state of the market and his feelings on the future.

SOH_Episode_11_Return of Carrie McCormick

What does Chicago Real Estate Look Like in 2018?

Carrie McCormick – Real Estate Broker with @Properties

Carrie McCormick returns for part two.  In this episode Pat and Carrie discuss the ways that the stock market rise and confidence in the economy could lead to a booming year in real estate in 2018.  Carrie also discusses how development in neighborhoods not only increase the value of homes, but it also helps create better schools in the area by raising the bar of student and parent involvement.  More development in your neighborhood gives the consumer the opportunity for custom renovations and rehab work to be completed.  From a developer perspective, it is important to know the areas and neighborhoods where there are value plays on the way, and when to hit the stop button as neighborhoods hit their peak in value.  Pat also reveals that Carrie will be joining the Board for the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago.


Secrets of Homebuilders


Secrets of Homebuilders

Danielle Dowell – Real Estate Broker – Berkshire Hathaway

Danielle Dowell burst into the real estate market and dominated her craft from start to finish.  She learned the real estate business from the ground up and now leads the direction for many developers looking to build the hottest property and attract buyers to the location.  She understands that making money in real estate starts with research and is willing to put in the effort to make a project perfect.  Her and Pat both understand that to make a custom renovation or new construction project work you have to set expectations that are realistic.


Looking to Custom Build? Buckle Up!

Carrie McCormick – Real Estate Broker with @Properties

Carrie is one of the leaders in the Chicago real estate industry.  On this episode she details the conversations that developers and custom home building clients must have when it comes to making decisions on their projects.

Construction Lending


Not All Construction Loans Are Made the Same

Construction Lending

Mark Verni – Associated Bank

We know we have interviewed a lot of construction lenders, but let’s face it without the money there is no new construction custom dream home building.  Mark Verni and Associated Bank are putting their mark on Chicago by using common sense lending for construction financing.  Custom Home Building requires a lot of talent and it starts with a talented lender.

kitchen design


Tips from a Kitchen Designer

kitchen design

Colette Rodon Hornof – Vesta of Hearth and Home

Do you know what design that you want for your kitchen?  With custom home building the kitchen is often the most important room in your entire house.  Before you make the decision for design options on your kitchen take time to listen to this podcast.  Picking out appliances is just the start of your kitchen.  Designing your kitchen involves understanding your needs, your scope of use, your entertainment value, and then you need to decide what style you prefer.  This is all before you start picking out the hardware.  Colette Rodon Hornof of Vesta of Hearth and Home brings 26 years of kitchen design knowledge to this episode.  Buckle up and get your kitchen design ready!



Your Lender is Your Advisor, NOT an ATM

Chad Lubben – Peoples Home Equity

On this episode of Secrets of Homebuilders Pat Cardoni interviews Chad Lubben from Peoples Home Equity and discusses the true role of your lender in the custom construction transaction.  It is often the lender that holds your transaction together.  However, you want a lender that can talk some sense into you vs letting you build a home that you really cannot afford.  Find someone that is your friend, but that can sit you down and talk to you like an advisor, even if that means popping your dream of the perfect house into pieces.  Custom home building may seem like the right thing to do, until you review your financials and realize you need a few more years to save up.

architects Role, custom home building

SOH – Episode 5 – Appraisal Me This

Appraisers Hold the Key to Your Dream Home

architects Role, custom home building


On this episode of Secrets of Homebuilders Terry Pope of Citywide Real Estate Services talks with Pat Cardoni about the thought process and homework that appraisers need to put in to develop their opinion of value.

You may or may not know it, but the appraiser that you work with holds the results of your custom homebuilding or remodeling dreams in the palm of their hands.  They could care less if you have spent countless hours dreaming about the home or working with your architect or even in down payment money.  The bottom line is their job and role in your custom home building transaction is to develop an unbiased opinion of value.  Often their opinion may seem conservative, and it may not be what you like, but that is because you are letting your emotions get to you.  Don’t be that guy!



SOH Episode 4 – Architects Can Design Too

Custom Building Starts With Your Architect

In this episode Pat Cardoni interviews Lisa Elkins from 2 Point Perspective to discuss the role and challenges of your architect in your custom building and remodeling project.  Be prepared to be amazed and respect the thought process that goes into each and every design that architects go through.  Your custom built home is truly a one of a kind piece and should be treated as such.  When deciding to build or remodel it is important to work with someone that understands your needs and can put together unique design and architecturally appealing finishes.


Lisa Elkins

SOH: Episode 3 – Construction Lending

Construction Lending


On this episode you will hear from guests Mike Black and Jon Goldman from Wintrust Mortgage.  They will share their insights on how construction lending works.  When it comes to remodeling or building your custom home it is important to work with professionals that are familiar with the lending process.  More and more you are seeing the importance of working with lender that can professionally get your transaction completed and keep your homebuilder honest when it comes to the construction costs.

Mike Black can be reached at

Jon Goldman can be reached at