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Home Remodeling Boom

Are We at the Cusp of a Home Remodeling Boom? Rising interest rates, prices too high for lots, increasing costs of labor and materials for new construction homes – it all leads to the perfect forecast for what could very well be one of the biggest times for home remodeling in the history of our […]

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How to Avoid Change Orders

How to Avoid Change Orders Contractors hate issuing change orders. Early on in starting SGHB, we thought that we’d build our retirement accounts by issuing change orders – then reality hit. Change orders cost us money, take too much time, require administrative paperwork, follow up on payment status, time to help make the new selection, […]

Best Tiles for a Bathroom

Best Tiles for a Bathroom Majority of the Naperville bathroom renovations that we take on isn’t because of the layout – it’s due to the need for new bathroom tiles and wanting to find the best tiles for a bathroom. If you’re lucky, you’ve had the privilege of taking a shower in an all blue […]

Foam Insulation

Guide to the Different Types of Home Insulation

Guide to the Different Types of Home Insulation One of the most important parts of your home is the type of insulation you choose. As a custom home builder, it’s often one of the most overlooked items in the decision making process. Today I want to provide you some information on the types of home […]

The Process of Custom Home Building

The Process of Custom Home Building One of the reasons that people are so afraid of custom home building is because they do not know the steps involved in a new construction process. Oddly enough, a lot of the same steps that are involved in your custom kitchen renovation are also used for your entire […]

Custom Home

What is a Custom Built Home?

What is a Custom Built Home? What does it mean to custom build your own home? At SG Home Builders, we use the hashtag #CustomBuild within our social media posts to show our followers what a custom build looks like. However, when clients are initially looking for a builder, they often do not understand what […]

Restoration Contractor

Restoration vs Renovation Contractors

Restoration vs Renovation Contractors Chicago’s unpredictable weather creates a need for local restoration contractors to be very diverse, not to be confused with renovation contractors which offer a very different service. Today I want to discuss with you why it is important to know a restoration contractor before your damage happens, and why your renovation […]

Custom Home

Custom Built Chicago Home

Custom Built Chicago Home

Our most recent custom built Chicago home is completed and ready to sell.  This is our last “For Sale” project that we have in our inventory as of April 2018.  It is a beautiful custom build home with details throughout that I want to share with you today.  We will be performing open houses each weekend until it sells, and a networking evening event Thursday April 19th, 2018 from 4:30-7:30PM at 4152 N Oakley Ave, Chicago, IL. Please RSVP http://evite.me/fYZ97s3krD Read more

What is a HERS Rating?

What is a HERS Rating? We’re often asked why some builders are able to make their homes very cost efficient. It is not always about the high end cabinets or the fancy steam shower for some customers, but rather the energy efficiency associated with your home’s utilities. When it comes to assessing the energy efficiency […]

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Challenges in the Construction Industry

Challenges in the Construction Industry Several general construction companies that take part in custom home building and renovations seem to have a bad reputation. A question I often hear from my friends and family is, “why do contractors suck?” The reality is that most construction companies have shortcomings in one form or another, so today […]