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Custom Built Chicago Home

Custom Built Chicago Home Our most recent custom built Chicago home is completed and ready to sell.  This is our last “For Sale” project that we have in our inventory as of April 2018.  It is a beautiful custom build home with details throughout that I want to share with you today.  We will be […]

Why Is My Basement Flooding?

Why Is My Basement Flooding? On this episode of Secrets of Homebuilders Pat Cardoni dives into the specifics of dealing with water issues.  Water in your basement can not seem like a big deal if you are not using the space.  However, when it comes time to selling your home, buyers will be holding back […]

Creating Value Using Construction in 2018

How to Create Value Using Construction in 2018 Pat Cardoni COO SG Home Builders Creating value using construction will always be the backbone of Chicago’s real estate market.  Pat has been a part of a the rising and falling in real estate for over 15 years.  He understands that there are certain market conditions each […]

What To Do In An Emergency Restoration Situation?

What to do in an Emergency Restoration Situation? By Ryan Siebert With all of the freezing weather we have had in Chicago and Naperville to start 2018, followed by massive snow and non-stop rain, it is no surprise that restoration companies throughout Chicago are getting calls all night and day. The question is, who do […]

Custom Built Home in Naperville, IL

Custom Built Home in Naperville By Ryan Siebert We recently wrapped up on our latest custom built home in Naperville.  I wanted to give you a tour of my favorite rooms of the house so you can keep your eyes open when custom building your own home.

Chicago Development Projects Start With Marty Paris

What Does It Take To Dominate Development Projects In Chicago? Marty Paris Founder and President of Sedgwick Development As the leader of one of Chicago’s top development companies Marty Paris knows his way around the block.  In this episode of Secrets of Homebuilders Marty gives an up close look into being a Chicago Development company […]

How to Prepare for Coffered Ceilings

How to Prepare for Coffered Ceiling Installation By Ryan Siebert If you think installing a coffered ceiling is a simple task you can wait for the last second, you may find yourself in serious trouble.  

SOH_Episode_11_Return of Carrie McCormick

What does Chicago Real Estate Look Like in 2018? Carrie McCormick – Real Estate Broker with @Properties Carrie McCormick returns for part two.  In this episode Pat and Carrie discuss the ways that the stock market rise and confidence in the economy could lead to a booming year in real estate in 2018.  Carrie also […]


Danielle Dowell – Real Estate Broker – Berkshire Hathaway Danielle Dowell burst into the real estate market and dominated her craft from start to finish.  She learned the real estate business from the ground up and now leads the direction for many developers looking to build the hottest property and attract buyers to the location.  […]