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Your Builder is Only as Strong as their Weakest Subcontractors

blog / July 29, 2017

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Subcontractors Are A Custom Home Builders Back Bone

By Ryan Siebert
Subcontractors, custom home builders
Subcontractors are the difference between working with a successful home builder and someone who is going to make your custom build project a pain in the butt.  As the saying goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link.  Today’s article will discuss how you can assure your builder is working with a Dream Team of subcontractors so your Timeline, Price, and Quality are top of the line from start to finish.
There are three ways to figure out how strong your builder’s subcontractors are:

1 – Ask about history of working relationship with subs. – Timelines

Custom Home Builder, Subcontractors

Does your builder work on a lot of projects?  Do they use the same subcontractors on each job?  Are they able to call in favors?  Do they have a clue what their subcontractors schedule looks like?  These are all important questions to ask, especially is the speed of the project is important to you.  The working relationship that your home builder has with their subcontractors must not be one that is new or worse, on the rocks.  Asking your builder the experience they have in working with electrician, plumber, HVAC, Drywall crew, or anyone you feel is important to the project will give you a good indication of the history your builder has with their subcontractors.  
2 – Ask if builder prices out bid with multiple subs – Price

Custom home Builders, subcontractors

If you are worried about paying too much for the subcontractors you may want to ask your builder how they perform their bidding process.  Some builders have such a great relationship with their subcontractors to a fault. They stop requesting multiple bids, and instead pay whatever the subcontractors requests.   Make sure your custom home builder has a reasoning for their pricing.  Often times it comes down to their experience and knowing the correct price for the custom work you want completed.
3 – Ask who pays for warranty work – Quality

Subcontractors, custom home builders

You can find a lot out about the subcontractors that are working on your custom home by knowing who will perform the warranty work.  Subcontractors do NOT want to come back to your house to fix repairs.  If they are responsible for the warranty work, then you know they are going to be working on your house with a high level of attention to detail.