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Why Do Contractors Hate Google?

blog / December 11, 2018

By Ryan Siebert As a custom home builder and remodeler in Naperville one of the things that I cringe is why my client tells me that found it on Google.  If Google is so great, why are they not remodeling your kitchen? Today I want to discuss with you the top three reasons why contractors […]

Why is Custom Home Building Hard To Do?

blog / November 18, 2018

Custom Home Building is Hard! The goal of custom home building is to create a product that fits your family needs, wants and desires all into the same package as your family’s budget. It sounds simple enough, right? Today I want to discuss with you the top frustrations of would be custom home building clients.

Are Cost Effective Subcontractors Really Cost Effective?

blog / November 9, 2018

By Ryan Siebert As a general contractor I find myself often and the dilemma of choosing the best subcontractor and making my clients budget work. Often times when building a custom home we have to make a decision that fits the clients budget, or we do not get the business at all. Today I’d like […]

Why I Prefer to Avoid Cost Plus Projects

blog / October 14, 2018

When I first dipped my toes in the waters of custom building and remodeling in Naperville my thought process was that cost-plus projects would be my niche. I thought the clients would love to see the details of the money going in and out of their transaction. I thought it was on the details. I […]

How Important Is Your Lender When Building a Custom Home?

blog / October 3, 2018

By Ryan Siebert As a custom home builder and remodeler I know how important your lender can be for you to have a successful transaction. My business has made multiple shifts over the 12 years of existence and without a banker who understands me, I would have had a much more difficult time.  The same […]

How to Select Interior Trim Packages for Your Custom Home

blog / September 22, 2018

When he comes to selecting interior trim for your home this simple little task can become very complicated. My custom building and renovation clients in Naperville know all too well what I am talking about. Today I want to give you a few tips on how you can take the bull by the horn and […]

Should You Be Your Own General Contractor?

blog / September 1, 2018

Should You Be Your Own General Contractor? I’ve recently heard advertisements for companies offering to assist you in being your own General Contractor. I’ve also worked with a lot of clients who I know would be great General Contractors on their own.  Yet, I still come away from the advertisement shaking my head at the […]

The Final Payment

blog / August 18, 2018

The Final Payment Something weird happens to custom remodeling and custom home building clients when it comes time to make their last payment.  After getting through a renovation project most of our clients can’t wait to see us go so they can enjoy their new renovation.  Yet, the last payment is something they hold onto, […]

How Important Are Your Light Fixtures?

blog / August 7, 2018

How Important Are Your Light Fixtures? One of the most overlooked parts of a custom renovation or custom built home is picking the light fixtures. It can seem like such a check list item at the end of a long project, especially when you are designing an entire home.  However, making the correct light fixture […]

What Type of Kitchen Countertop Should You Choose?

blog / July 31, 2018

What Type of Kitchen Countertop Should You Choose? How are you supposed to remodel your kitchen without knowing the kitchen countertops?  With nearly all of my Naperville kitchen renovations the clients hit a bottleneck in the process when it comes time to select the kitchen countertops. So to help today I put together a list […]