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Determining Remodeling Budget

How do you determine your remodeling budget? By Ryan Siebert I often find myself perplexed when we work on a remodeling budget for a client and the numbers that we come up with are way off from what they were expecting.  So I ask in all sincereness, how do you determine your remodeling budget?

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Site Selection for Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation Starts With Site Selection By Pat Cardoni In today’s ongoing quest to educate consumers on how to Build Value Through Construction I will talk about the importance of site selection for your real estate wealth creation.

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Why Custom Building and Remodeling Now?

Why is Custom Building and Remodeling So Important Today? By Ryan Siebert We recently celebrated being in business for 10 years and have completed over 400 custom building and remodeling projects.   Majority of the custom building and remodeling projects that we completed were for our own speculative inventory.  Speculative simply means we build for our self […]

Create Value in Construction

Creating Value Through Construction

Importance of Market Analysis When Creating Value in Residential Construction By Pat Cardoni I am starting a new blog series will focus on creating value through custom construction.  This can be done by completing projects on your existing home, a potential purchase of an existing home, or buying a building a new home.  You will notice that […]

Time for Custom Construction work involves the money spent on project.

Custom Construction Affects More Than Just The General Contractor

Who is affected by your choice of general contractor for your custom construction project? By Ryan Siebert We have recently been doing a lot of custom construction bidding for both our Naperville and Chicago markets.  If you are thinking about using custom construction to build or remodel your dream project there are a few things […]