Take Me to the International Builders Show!

By Ryan Siebert

Builders Show

On this year’s to do list is to get to the International Builders Show.  As young builder I am looking to obtain knowledge in any and all ways possible.  To get there all I had to do was answer a simple question, “What do I hope to gain from attending the IBS in 2018?

The old saying goes that, “knowledge is power”.  I live by this statement in many ways.  Whether it is a good book, a podcast, news article, or an online video I am constantly trying to figure out a way to make my knowledge base stronger.  What I recently figured out was that to go from being a good to a great home builder I needed to have more conversations with those who have been there and done it.  That is why my answer to the International Builders Show question of “What do I hope to gain…” was all about knowledge from other people.  Today I will go deeper into the importance of giving and receiving information from other experts in your industry to achieve success.  

Why Peer to Peer conversations are the shortest path to success.

Learn from others mistakes

Builders Show

I have made a boatload of mistakes in my short career.  Had I developed a mentor panel to go to when making changes in the business I would have had the chance to avoid some of the big ones.  When you find a mentor or sphere of influence figure that is willing to give you the time of day, be sure to ask about how they dealt with failure.  Anyone can tell you about their path to success, but if you are able to learn from their mistakes you can avoid messes in your own career.

Find Connections

Builders Show

One of my favorite parts about peer to peer conversations is the unique way that people look to connect one another.  For some people they do not know how to end the conversation unless they are able to connect you with someone that can help you grow your success.  When you look back on your career you will realize that the people you had the most success with often came from a spider web of connections that all started with a cup of coffee for a meeting you may not have wanted to go to.  If you find yourself in one of these coffee meetings do your best to stay engaged and make a connection that can help the other person out as well.

Give to Receive

Builders Show

One of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes, “You can everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  Sometimes it is your ability to listen to another person and let them talk through their business that helps them break through.  Other times it is a great idea that you are able to help someone blow their business sales through the roof.  Regardless of the situation, you need to be willing to have an open mind to help others when they ask.  If you find yourself simply taking all the time, then you are in a bad spot.

I know I have a lot to learn as a home builder.  Especially when it comes to custom home building and helping hit the expectations of the client.  I want to be able to learn from the builders that have the experience and can assist me in the growing pains that I do not even know I have coming my way.  I also am looking forward to helping out the new builder who is looking to take over the world with their business plans.  Whatever conversations that I get to have, I know they will be fulfilling and maybe even life changing.