How Important is it to Be Yourself as a Home Builder?

By Ryan Siebert

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We are the best, highest quality, most transparent, loyal, customer service giving home builder that you will ever find.  Guess what?  You as the consumer could care less!  The reality is clients looking for a home builder are looking to find a relationship with someone that they can trust and feel comfortable with.  So today’s article is for the home builders out there looking for ways to better communicate with potential clients.  

Three tips to be yourself as a home builder.

Tell Your Story

I think one of the most real and authentic ways that we learn to feel comfortable with one another is when we tell our story of how we got to where we are today.  This can be said for many areas of life, not just home building.  We trust each other when we open up.  Whether you are looking for your first client, or looking for you 1,000th custom home build project, do not be afraid to tell your story.

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What Does Your Company Value?

As a home builder you are only a strong as the people that you surround yourself with.  This includes your project management team, your admin on the inside, and most importantly your subcontractors.  What makes you tick as an organization is important for your clients to know.  Building a home from scratch, no matter how good you are, is stressful.  Let your clients know what drives you and your organization, what makes you tick.  Odds are that what you value will be something that strikes a chord with your clients when they are making their decision on a custom home builder.

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Throw a Bunch of Spreadsheets at Them

No not really.  I only say this one for the analytics out there.  The truth is, most clients don’t care for your spreadsheet skills until after they trust you.

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In my opinion the best skill that you can develop as a home builder is to listen.  Be able to ask questions and simply listen to what your clients needs are.  Most clients have a pretty good idea of what they want.  It if our job as home builders to put their wants into an organized system to provide them their dream home.  Practice your listening skills so when the time comes to make suggestions you have their needs figured out.

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All builders need to develop their own way to get clients comfortable with them.  Accept the fact that you won’t be able to make every sale, and do what makes you comfortable.