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Kitchen Flooring Trends in 2018

Kitchen Flooring Trends in 2018 The gathering place, the chefs domain, where the memories are made, the kitchen. Oh how we love our kitchens! Today’s kitchens designs are very particular. Today I want to talk to you about the kitchen flooring trends in 2018. Tile and Stone Flooring Ceramic tile floors are still very popular in […]

What Will The Future Ceiling Look Like?

The Best Ceiling for Your Custom Renovation For a lot of my Naperville renovation work clients are telling me they want open concept homes. That’s great but with open concept you have to be able to designate areas using the ceiling. This can be done with light fixtures for the different textures for the ceiling […]

Best Flooring for a Bedroom

What Are the Best Floors for a Bedroom? When we’re working with a client who’s looking for a custom remodel or a custom build, one of the last things that we can to discuss are the types of floors for their bedrooms. Although a small piece of the puzzle, we believe it’s a very important […]

What Decking Material Are Best for Your Home?

What Decking Material Are Best for Your Home? With the summer heat upon us, now’s a great time figure out what type of material to use for your new exterior deck. There are all types of different decking materials you can use but the three that we’re going to discuss today or treated wood, cedar […]

Home Remodeling Boom

Are We at the Cusp of a Home Remodeling Boom? Rising interest rates, prices too high for lots, increasing costs of labor and materials for new construction homes – it all leads to the perfect forecast for what could very well be one of the biggest times for home remodeling in the history of our […]

How to Avoid Change Orders

How to Avoid Change Orders Contractors hate issuing change orders. Early on in starting SGHB, we thought that we’d build our retirement accounts by issuing change orders – then reality hit. Change orders cost us money, take too much time, require administrative paperwork, follow up on payment status, time to help make the new selection, […]

Best Tiles for a Bathroom

Best Tiles for a Bathroom Majority of the Naperville bathroom renovations that we take on isn’t because of the layout – it’s due to the need for new bathroom tiles and wanting to find the best tiles for a bathroom. If you’re lucky, you’ve had the privilege of taking a shower in an all blue […]

Guide to the Different Types of Home Insulation

Guide to the Different Types of Home Insulation One of the most important parts of your home is the type of insulation you choose. As a custom home builder, it’s often one of the most overlooked items in the decision making process. Today I want to provide you some information on the types of home […]

The Process of Custom Home Building

The Process of Custom Home Building One of the reasons that people are so afraid of custom home building is because they do not know the steps involved in a new construction process. Oddly enough, a lot of the same steps that are involved in your custom kitchen renovation are also used for your entire […]

How Hard Can a Renovation Bid Be?

How Hard Can A Renovation Bid Be? Renovation bid, on the surface it seems so easy.  Our clients often expect us to turn around a bid on a project within 24 hours.  When our renovation bid is way off the mark during construction our clients only have one person to blame, themselves for pushing the […]