What Type of Kitchen Countertop Should You Choose?

What Type of Kitchen Countertop Should You Choose?

How are you supposed to remodel your kitchen without knowing the kitchen countertops?  With nearly all of my Naperville kitchen renovations the clients hit a bottleneck in the process when it comes time to select the kitchen countertops. So to help today I put together a list of kitchen countertop choices.


Granite Countertops

Granite countertops, once a mainstay of homes for only the rich and famous, are common in many homes today.  Granite kitchen countertops are a natural stone that is forms under the ground from volcanic pressurization. You can view a great article on the process of how granite is formed today and how the production technology dramatically dropped the price by following this link via


When dealing with clients the ones that love granite are looking for a very customized piece, something that no one else will have.  With the natural stone selection the odds of having the exact slab are slim to none. Where clients will get frustrated when choosing granite for their kitchen countertops is blending the natural veins together for their kitchen.  Most countertop fabricators will be able to match up the lines the way you want them, but the odds are you will need to be willing to make some sacrificing, especially if you want fancy edging done to your countertops.

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Quartzite and Quartz Countertops

They are one in the same right? WRONG Quartzite kitchen countertops are also a natural stone.  This is a sandstone that also forms over time from the heat pressure in the ground. Quartz on the other hand is a man made stone.  The funny thing about quartz is that manufacturers are getting better about making their man made product look more natural. Recently the quartz and quartzite countertops have taken over in popularity.  The natural thought is that they are more expensive, but it is not always the case. Quartzite, like granite will have inconsistencies in the veining and overall appearance from stone to stone. Quartz is known for being more uniform with veining and designs, which allows you to make easier choices when selecting a stone that you like. MSI, one of the leading stone suppliers has a great article on the difference between the two here.


What you will find with stone selections, granite, quartzite and quartz is the selection process can be frustrating.  There are only a few places to pick out the physical slabs of stone, yet there are hundreds of fabricators out there. I recommend finding a knowledgeable representative that can walk you through the process and help make your selection enjoyable.  

Epoxy Countertops

One other style of countertops that I am seeing a lot of attention for lately is epoxy kitchen countertops. Much like finished basements and garage flooring epoxy countertops are becoming a very popular and economical choice. There are not as many professionals available who offer this service, but it is something that looks fantastic when completed.  Also, this is something for you DIYers out there that you can try on your own. I recommend looking at Countertop Epoxy and their methods so you can learn the steps and tips they offer.  They provide incredible knowledge for FREE on how to use epoxy for your project.  

As always, if you are looking for more information and ways that you can custom renovate or custom build you own home please feel free to reach out to us and we would love to partner with you.


Custom Home Building and Remodeling Update

Custom Home Building and Remodeling Update

Never ending leads, unlimited blueprints to review, projects to manage, punch lists to complete, and warranty lists to cross off the list.  For a custom home builder and remodeler the market seems like it is in a great place. But what really is going on with the residential construction market? Today I want to share with you my feelings on the residential custom home building and remodeling industry in 2018.

Custom Building Update

Ryan Siebert CEO SG Home Builders

Remodeling Bonanza

Custom Renovation

I personally feel that the market is set up for a 3-5 year run of strong activity of remodeling projects.  Also, a few of the Pella reps took me to lunch and told me they see the same wave of remodeling projects on the horizon.  Pella has the evidence based on economic research, not just a hunch like I have.  Custom renovation projects such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and even additions are serious considerations over owners selling their home and moving.  Why? Most current homeowners are sitting on a nice 3-3.5 percent 30 year interest rate. Selling their home and buying something new puts then at a 4.75-5 percent rate on their new home.  By the time the added interest costs and higher valuation of homes on the market comes into play most would be sellers realize that they would be making a lateral move by selling and buying new.  For that reason a lot of families are looking to remodel, and I know just the guy that can help them out, Contact Us!

Custom Building Could Mean Overpaying

Naperville Custom Built Home

From 2011-2015 buying a lot with the intention of tearing down and building new often resulting in instant equity.  It was the high rollers version of flipping their own home. With less inventory available tear down lots are being sold at a premium.  Tack on rising material costs and a shortage of quality labor and you have the perfect storm for making it impossible to build a home in a high demand area and not end up overpaying.  What does this mean? It means to get what you want, where you want it, you as the custom home owner will need to be willing to come out of pocket with a little more cash that you first anticipated.  Lenders will not allow you to spend more than what your home appraises for, and just because you put the coffered ceilings in each bedroom doesn’t mean the value of your home will increase. That said, remember you as a custom homeowner are one of the lucky ones, appreciate your opportunity and the experience that you are about to have by building your very own home.

Labor Shortage

Custom renovation

This is me telling you, be prepared for delays.  As a custom home builder and remodeler the harder I plan for things the more useless my time becomes.  We are trying to coordinate 20-40 different subcontractors on your project who each have 20-40 different projects of their own they are trying to manage to make an honest buck.  It is the closest thing to organized chaos as you can imagine. For us as SG Home Builders we often have to choose between the quality of a proven worker, or the timeline expectations of our client.  One way or another we are often going to upset our clients so we choose to miss our timeline rather than miss the quality on the finished product.  What will your project management team do in a similar situation?

I have little concrete evidence to back this data up, but I believe we have a big problem on the horizon for quality labor in the next 5-10 years. I’ve been the youngest person on the job site for the past 12 years and I do not pick up a hammer majority of the time.  A lack of European immigration over the last 10 years, and slowdown of Mexican immigration will continue to put pressure on pricing for high end quality laborers. My hope is that the tide will turn and working as a laborer will not be looked down on as it is in today’s society. The reality is I have multiple subcontractors netting six figure 1099’s from just me and they are working with multiple builders.  

Running this business for the past 12 years I have realized that it isn’t always the result of my efforts that leads me to success.  It is often better to be situating myself in the right place so that when the wave of good fortune comes through I can ride it high for as long as possible.

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Kitchen Flooring Trends in 2018

Kitchen Flooring Trends in 2018

kitchen remodel by sg home builders

The gathering place, the chefs domain, where the memories are made, the kitchen. Oh how we love our kitchens! Today’s kitchens designs are very particular. Today I want to talk to you about the kitchen flooring trends in 2018.

Tile and Stone Flooring

Ceramic tile floors are still very popular in kitchens. They’re a very economical way to showcase your style and also bring a different blend color to your kitchen floor. What I like about kitchen floors that elect to use tiles is it allows you to have a nice classic stone feel.  I also like the different designs and colors that are available with using the tile floors. In the past everything had to have a nice neutral tone or a real natural stone or marble look to it.  Don’t get me wrong, it looks great, but sometimes over abundance of colors going on with your kitchen cabinets, countertops and backsplash is overwhelming enough.

Another reason that I like the tile floors is for economic reasons especially when ceramic tiles are available in your style. A two dollar per square foot tile can be almost 1/4 the cost for hardwood floors. Also with ceramic tiles if you ever make a mess spill a drink or have a leak in your sink the cleanup is just a simple as a paper towels.

kitchen flooring trends

Specialty tiles

If you think using technology and flooring together in the same sentence sounds weird, you would be wrong.  Technology with tile flooring has made it such that vinyl and laminate floors are once again a choice and not just something you put into a slumlord rental unit. The waterproofing technology with high and vinyl floors today allows consumers that are looking to renovate or even build a custom home to select floors and have multiple color and design options. I love the way you can take something it is so light yet so durable and also have such a unique design in it. What’s also nice about using this form of material is the cost of replacement, should anything happen, is very minimal. The one thing that I do caution about using this type of floors it to make sure your purchase an extra box or two should anything happen. Similar to tiles on the ceramic side, or marble, the textures designs and colors will change based on availability and based on the economics of developing the product.  So if you have an issue it’s not as simple as adding new hardwood floors sanding and re-staining to match.

Kitchen Flooring Trends, Bedroom Floors

Hardwood flooring

For quite a while it was taboo to have hardwood floors in the kitchen area. Today that is not the case. Many of our clients that are looking at doing custom renovated kitchens are asking us to add hardwood floors from the dining room and family room area and into the kitchen space to blend rooms together.   This allows you to have that great room feel where everyone can be together. With open concept being so popular it’s no mistake that hardwood floors are seen more often in the kitchen space. The kitchen is no longer a space that is hidden behind four walls allowing the chef to prepare all by her or his lonesome. Today we blend kitchen with our family room and often times our dining room is part of the kitchen and no longer a formal place.  Cleanup is easy for hardwood flooring, but bill stains or water leaks can be quite a pain. Especially hardwood floors that are sanded and stained. I myself had to find out with one of our clients in the past. Depending on when you strain your floors the color tone, even if it’s the same exact bottle of stain with never set the exact some way.   If the area in need of repair is large enough you will need to re-sand and re-stain an entire floor. Let’s hope that is the exception. Working with a builder who knows what they’re doing and with the homeowner paying attention to their home avoids majority of wood flooring issues.

Kitchen flooring trends

Still not sure which flooring is best for you?  Give me a call, I would love to help you design your perfect kitchen 847-602-7641


What Will The Future Ceiling Look Like?

The Best Ceiling for Your Custom Renovation

For a lot of my Naperville renovation work clients are telling me they want open concept homes. That’s great but with open concept you have to be able to designate areas using the ceiling. This can be done with light fixtures for the different textures for the ceiling material. Below is a list of different request that we get from our renovation and custom home building project.

Coffered Ceiling‘s
Coffered ceilings are very trendy and also take a classic look in appeal to them. We typically get clients are requesting the coffered ceilings to help define that open space. The dining room is a great place to use coffered ceilings.  The extra millwork and combined with wainscoting can give a very detailed look. The ceilings can come in different sizes shapes but the most popular comes and symmetrical squares. The cost for adding coffered ceilings vary in range. The reason for the range often times comes in the preparation and planning. If you are able to make the selection for coffered ceilings while you’re home is still being framed then your builder can design and prep the area well ahead of time. This allows the builder to properly add electric and reinforce the area before installation. Where we see a lot of clients get frustrated is when they want to add the conference feelings after we’ve already installed the drywall. Hey, we are your contractor, but please do not kill the messenger.  This means we are now affecting electrical we are affected potentially plumbing and HVAC work but it’s hidden behind the drywall. Most importantly we have to be able to reinforce those beams and secure them. Adding the coffered wood material over top of the drywall is not always the most efficient way to do it.

Tray Ceilings

Tray ceilings give you more room added depth, or ceiling height. It’s what we like to call a way of cheating to add height in your room. You often see this in bedrooms on the second level. Your ceiling height maybe only 8 feet but by adding a tray ceiling in the bedroom you were now raising the height to a 9 foot plus level. Added height gives the perception of a larger room and for you canopy bed lovers allows you to put that big bed up without having to worry about hitting the ceiling. The cost for adding a tray ceiling is very minimal. There are a little bit more particular ways to install the drywall, but overall the cost is very effective to your budget. You can add multiple layers to your tray ceilings like we did in one of our custom home building projects in Naperville in the picture below. I particularly love this as it shows the skills of our framers are electrician and our painters and carpenters all in one shot.


Vaulted Ceilings

There are very few custom home building conversations I have with a client doesn’t ask for a vaulted ceiling somewhere on their main level. It does make sense most of the grandiose houses that we grow up seeing on movies and television have an open huge ceiling space. The challenge I have with vaulted ceilings comes down to your budget. Using common sense and math, having a vaulted ceiling on your main level means you likely are not going to be on able to build any square footage above that space on the second level. As I often find myself telling my clients it’s much easier on your budget for me to build up rather than to build wide.

Unfinished Ceilings

For some of my Chicago suburb clients they hate the thought of a main level unfinished ceiling. Often times we have a discussion with our Naperville finished basement clients about leaving the ceilings unfinished. This allows us to go after that industrial looking ceiling. Think of being in a restaurant or bar with the ceiling unfinished allowing you to see the duct work, electric, and any structural beams. The possibilities are endless with how you can design the ceiling to give yourself something very unique. I am a big fan of the rustic look and on top of the fact that it will save you money. By not paying for the ceiling to be finished and choosing to paint those beams and you can save between $2,000.00- $5,000.00 in your basement.

Who knows what the trend of ceilings will be in the future.  Maybe the main level will go away from the traditional white ceilings like you see in specialty rooms such a powder room or dining room. I don’t think think we will see popcorn ceilings come back anytime soon or drop ceilings in the basement. At least I hope not.

More information about how to custom build a custom remodel space of your own. Please email me Thanks so much and have a great day.