best floors for a bedroom

Best Flooring for a Bedroom

What Are the Best Floors for a Bedroom? When we’re working with a client who’s looking for a custom remodel or a custom build, one of the last things that we can to discuss are the types of floors for their bedrooms. Although a small piece of the puzzle, we believe it’s a very important […]

treated wood

What Decking Material Are Best for Your Home?

What Decking Material Are Best for Your Home? With the summer heat upon us, now’s a great time figure out what type of material to use for your new exterior deck. There are all types of different decking materials you can use but the three that we’re going to discuss today or treated wood, cedar […]

home remodeling

Home Remodeling Boom

Are We at the Cusp of a Home Remodeling Boom? Rising interest rates, prices too high for lots, increasing costs of labor and materials for new construction homes – it all leads to the perfect forecast for what could very well be one of the biggest times for home remodeling in the history of our […]