SOH: Episode 1 – Introduction to Secrets of Homebuilding

Episode 1 – Introduction to Secrets of Homebuilding

Secrets of Homebuilding

Welcome to the start of our new Podcast, Secrets of Homebuilding.  Pat and I decided to enlighten our fans and clients with information that we have gained over the past 11 years.   At the start of 2017 we focused our business on custom home building and remodeling.  We feel that due to our experience with over 475 projects we have an abundance of information and knowledge to share.  Whether you are a potential client or one of the brave among you who are looking to manager your own custom construction project you will get value out of the information we share.  We hope that you enjoy what we bring to the table.  We look forward to your feedback on ways we can help you better understand the steps needed to build or remodel your dream home.

Your Builder is Only as Strong as their Weakest Subcontractors

Subcontractors Are A Custom Home Builders Back Bone By Ryan Siebert Subcontractors are the difference between working with a successful home builder and someone who is going to make your custom build project a pain in the butt.  As the saying goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link.  Today’s article will discuss […]

architects role, custom home building

What is an Architect’s Role?

What is an Architect’s Role in Custom Home Building? By Pat Cardoni The architect is the most highly educated of all the players in the game of building your custom home. They have to have knowledge of all the systems involved in constructing your home.

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Why Taking a Draw for a Construction Loan is So Difficult?

Why Taking a Draw for a Construction Loan is So Difficult? By Ryan Siebert For a consumer you may think that getting a draw for a construction loan is really not your problem.  The reality is that the quicker your builder can get their money, the quicker your custom built home can be completed.  Today […]

Custom Building Market Update

2017 Home Building and Purchase Market Update

2017 Custom Home Building Market Update By Ryan Siebert Even when doing custom home building you have to have your pulse of the market.  With the Fourth of July right in the middle of the week, I had some free time to take a look at market trends of homes selling for the last two […]

Building Your Dream House

Building Your Dream House

Building Your Dream House – Part 1 Connecting the Dots By Pat Cardoni In this series of articles Pat Cardoni returns to the blogosphere to discuss the proven steps he takes when working with a client looking to take part in a custom home build or de-conversion project.  Welcome to the start of my second […]