The Wonderful World of Warranty Work

How to Handle Your Warranty Punchlist By Ryan Siebert Contrary to your belief, your builder wants you to call them with your warranty punch list.  What they don’t want is for you to be upset with them before they ever start to address the repair work in question.

Your Builder is Judging You Too!

What is Your Builder Looking For in YOU? By Ryan Siebert Contrary to your belief custom home builders are not going to take any and every client that comes their way.  What your builder knows is the relationship you will have while building your house is comparable to that of a marriage.

What Should Come First, the Drawing Designs or the Budget?

All of Your Dreams Can Come True, For The Right Price By Ryan Siebert When planning to build your dream home, you will likely find yourself at a fork in the road between designing your dream set of house plans, and planning your budget out.  Before you give the thumbs up to your architect on […]

Ryan Siebert on Franklin Rivera’s Podcast

R&R (Real & Raw) Podcast with Host Franklin Rivera By Ryan Siebert  Franklin Rivera CEO, V2M2 Group Being a fan of podcasts myself I jumped at the first opportunity to discuss SG Home Builders with Digital Marketing expert Franklin Rivera CEO, V2M2 Group.  The experience allowed me to re-play externally the history of SG Home Builders and […]

How To Avoid Warranty Hell After You Close On Your New Home

Tips to Maximize Your Warranty Coverage After Closing On Your New Construction Home By Ryan Siebert Unlike cars, houses do not come with a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty.  How can you avoid getting yourself in a bad situation or a dispute no one wants to be a part of when it does comes time […]