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Finding Your Lot

/ July 10, 2020

At this point in your custom home building journey you should feel comfortable that you can afford the home that you want. More importantly, you should know what price point you need to purchase your lot at. If you are still not sure, then go back a step. Finding a lot is more difficult than […]

Home Low Content

/ July 1, 2020

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Custom Home Building Process

/ June 17, 2020

When you get to this point in your home build, stop and congratulate yourself. You have gotten through the most stressful part of your home building process. You rode the roller coaster of emotions from the high point when you decided to build, to the loops and twirls of selections and budget reviews. Now the […]

How to Obtain a Permit for Your Custom Home

/ June 11, 2020

At this point in the process you are so close to building your home that you can feel it. The next few steps are important and require patience on your end. The parts of the permitting process involve: 1# Engineering Plans and Surveys | 2# Permit Application and Review | 3# Hard Bidding | 4# […]

Architectural Design Putting Your Dreams To Work

/ June 11, 2020

The architectural design for your custom home is the most important aspect of the project. What exactly is the architectural design? That my friends is a loaded question. On one hand you are going to end up with a set of blueprints developed by the architect. On the other hand you will end up with […]

Feasibility Study

/ June 11, 2020

A custom home means you are likely the first and only person to build that home. The scary part is, we cannot give you the exact price it is going to cost you to to build this home. For this reason we offer a feasibility study to give you insights to the costs you are […]

Discovery Meeting

/ June 8, 2020

It is very difficult to build a home without architectural plans, an interior design, and a budget from your builder. So why not have all three together when discussing your custom home building options? Too often we work with clients that want to focus on the cost per square foot, or the total square footage […]

Exterior Renovations

/ June 8, 2020

They say you should not judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it we all do. If you have a beautiful interior and are looking to renovate the exterior to give it the pop and sizzle that it deserves we can help. Our experience taking away the old look of your dilapidated roof, […]

Finished Basements

/ June 8, 2020

Finished basements are the dream project of every large family.  Does a theatre room sound like something that would benefit you too?  We can give you specific details and plans for your finished basement that are sure to put a smile on your face. Today’s finishes basements are coming in with requests of golf simulator […]

Kitchen Renovations

/ June 8, 2020

Let’s look at the reality: your interest rate on your existing home is low, and your family doesn’t want to move anytime soon. However, you can no longer stand the old kitchen cabinet colors and miserable layout that you live with every day. If this sounds like you, then you need to call us today […]